Controlling The Pests In Your Home: Tips And Tricks

Not many things are more annoying than pests in your home. There are all different kinds of pests. Examples include flies, ants and racoons. Some pests, such as termites, even cause damage to your house. Read the article below to find out what you can do about getting rid of unwanted pests.

Do not buy a house unless a professional inspection has been done. Certain signs of infestation are easy to recognize, but keep in mind that you have no way of knowing what kind of pest is hiding under the home or in the insulation until you stay in the home for a few days.

Plug holes that pests, like mice, can enter using steel wool. Steel wool is too tough for any pest to chew through, even rats and mice. Any opening larger than a half inch should be stuffed. Small pests can squeeze through these tiny openings.

If you need to make doubly sure that no termites remain in your home, use a termite-sniffing dog to check for the presence of termites. Qualified humans are only able to tell you if one-third of the house is termite-free. A specially trained dog can give your home the most thorough inspection. They can smell methane gas that the termites leave behind when they eat wood.

Keep your rugs and carpet vacuumed. You will vacuum up ants, bugs and other critters that are in the kitchen, living room and den. Dispose of the bag when done.

Do you have a pest problem? There are many home remedies, but one effective one is mixing sugar with borax. They will come for the sugar and get killed by the borax. Make a trap by blending equal parts borax and sugar in a quart-sized jar. Put the mixture in a jar with holes punctured into the top, then shake it over baseboards and over your home’s foundation.

If your home has cracks and crevices, seal off these openings right away. These are one of the most common entry points for bugs into a home. They fit between even the tiniest cracks. If you seal these spots, it will be almost impossible for invaders to enter.

Anytime you put brushes around your home, ensure you put them a minimum of one foot away. Many types of insects call this brush home. If bushes are near your windows or any other point of entrance, bugs will come off the bushes into your house.

While fleas are difficult creatures, some things do work to eliminate them and their eggs. Investing in a quality flea spray can be an effective tool, as can vacuuming every day. Change the bag in the vacuum cleaner immediately after sweeping the house.

One pest that is known for being hard to eliminate is fleas. Thankfully, you can use several methods for eliminating fleas and their eggs. The first thing to do is to thoroughly vacuum everyday, than spray the area with a good flea spray. Keep in mind that you must throw away the vacuum bag afterwords.

Mint Leaves

Mint can be useful in dealing with mice. Plant some mint around your home. This will make the environment inhospitable to mice. Mint leaves are a great way to make mice living in your home think twice. This can repel these pesky pests, but use fresh mint leaves.

Mint helps keep mice away. Mint should be planted around your home’s perimeter. This will make the foundation undesirable for mice to live in. When you sprinkle mint leaves in various areas of your home, it will keep mice away. Most of the time, this will act as good repellent, but the mint leaves must be fresh.

Avoid using mouse and rat poisons if you have free-running pets in the home. If your pet finds a dead rodent and eats it, it could ingest the poison. Also, you will want to avoid this if you have babies or young children around the house. They might think they are looking at candy.

If there are pets in your household, don’t put out rat and mouse poison. If pets touch dead or sick rodents, they will be exposed to poison as well. You should also not use rat poison if you have small children. They may believe the poison pellets are candy.

Pests really like to live in drains. Clean your drains every single month. Snake all drains and use liquid pipe cleaner. Refuse and other objects may cause mold to grow inside the drain, which make it more attractive to pests.

Use chunks of steel wool to block any mouse holes that you find in your home. Rodents will eat steel wool and eventually die. Spackle your holes with wood putty mixed with small bits of steel wool to help keep rodents out.

Inspect your foundation for any openings. As a home ages, it develops cracks and other structural changes. These cracks are a target for pests to enter. Look at the ceilings too. There may be little cracks there where pests come in.

Exterior lighting can also attract pests. Try keeping those lights far from the entrance of your house. Or you can use orange or yellow lights. They don’t like those as much.

Your recycle garbage can attract pests. You should keep it outside. If you do not have room in your garage, make sure you rinse all the containers you want to recycle. Recycling bins that are sealed are the best choice to keep out pests of all sizes.

Recycling could cause pests. If possible, keep the items you plan on recycling out of your home. If you can’t, rinse each item you put in the indoor trash can. Invest in recycling containers with airtight lids to keep pests at bay.

If you notice cockroaches, make sure you’re storing your food in airtight containers. A bag clip is not good enough, ensure that sealed containers and zip-lock bags are used for food storage. Food that is vulnerable like that will maintain the health of the cockroach population. Be sure baking supplies are all safely stored in sealed canisters especially made for sugar and flour storage.

Follow directions that come with pesticides. It is not true that using more product will do a better job. In many cases, using a larger amount will pose heath risks to those in the area.

Talk to your neighbors about pest control. If you’ve got issues with mice, your neighbors may have the same issue. Better yet, they may have some ideas that you haven’t thought of. You can also provide a heads-up to your neighbor.

If your house is plagued by flying bugs, kill them with hairspray. Perfume can also be effective; however, you should use caution to ensure that you don’t get the perfume in your eyes. Both of these are flammable, so keep them away from open flames. If you don’t have any bug spray, use these instead.

Organize your garden so bushes and flowers are a couple feet away from the walls of your home. If doable, use tiles to cover the ground area around your house to keep pests away. These steps can eliminate the number of bugs attempting to fly into your home through the windows.

If you are having a problem with bugs, you might think about how you are applying your pesticide. If you’re spraying outside your home, you’re keeping the indoor pests inside. Be sure you have a pesticide solution for the inside as well as the outside.

Find a good termiticide to get rid of termites for good. Termiticide comes in two flavors: killer termiticide and repelling termiticide. Regardless of the kind that you use, you must apply it thoroughly around the foundation of your home. It can take over one hundred gallons of termiticide for the treatment to be effective.

Bee Hives

If you have a raccoon problem, try mustard oil. The oil should be put in the area that it’s living. Once you do this, you need to discover just how the raccoon entered your home. Mesh wire can prevent it from getting back inside your home.

Wasp nests and bee hives ought to be addressed at nighttime. Spray foam helps homeowners fight against bee hives. These foams can reach a long way and are great for killing bees from a safer distance. It’s best to get the hive sprayed at night since the bees won’t be so active. After this, monitor it and then respray it if you have to every few days. Wait until all the insects are dead before removing the hive.

Follow ants back to their home to find out where they are coming from and how big the problem is. You have to figure out where they are coming from. When you locate it, there are many things you can do to be sure they are unable to come in anymore. Some popular remedies include coffee grounds, lemon juice, citrus oil or cayenne pepper.

Termiticides may be necessary when termites cause issues. Of course, you can find two kinds of these. There are termiticides that eliminate the termites, and the kind that keeps them away. Regardless of which method you go with, apply it liberally around your property. It can sometimes take more than 100 gallons of termiticide in order to get the job done.

No one wants to imagine there are bugs everywhere in their home. A lot of people have allergies to them, and you should get rid of them. Launder sheets and pillowcases in very hot water once per week and use solid pillow covers.

Find out where the mousetraps are if a exterminator put them there. Dogs must not access these stations. Mouse poison is also poisonous to dogs to a degree such that it might kill them.

If you are having a real problem, think about replacing all of your small appliances. Ask your loved ones for extra toasters and coffee pots, and dispose of the ones in your house. Insects can invade all areas of your home, especially small locations like appliances.

It doesn’t matter what pests you have, you’ll want to get them out as fast as possible. Using these tips, you can better control them. Use what you have read here, and the pests will be gone before you know it.

A correctly sized trap is essential to catch the pest. You may not succeed if you use a trap that is too large for your pest. Some traps work by luring the animal into the trap with bait and their weight triggering the trap door. The trap will not work if the rodent is not heavy enough to trigger the mechanism, in which case you will only find some empty traps.

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